College App Webinars Next Month

By Ruben Noroian

Posted on April 3, 2021

By Ruben Noroian

Staff at Iridium Tutoring are currently working on hosting webinars about college applications, featuring speakers from many prestigious universities, such as Brown and Carnegie Mellon.

Sophomore Michelle Nishidera, a part of the team at Iridium Tutoring, played a primary role in developing the idea. Nishidera is putting in a lot of effort to the webinars. “It is important for us to hold these webinars because a lot of high schoolers are nervous or unsure about the college apps process. We hope to alleviate some of these worries and answer some of their questions so that they can be better prepared.”

She credits the team for providing inspiration to creating the project. “I decided to begin this project because our team has so many people with different life experiences that can be shared. Specifically for college apps, we have a lot of college students who are willing to speak about their own experiences and share their knowledge.”

As Iridium Tutoring continues to grow through improved outreach and achieves new milestones, they have been exploring other methods to help high school and middle school students. It seems as though high school ends so fast and college begins so quickly, so it is important to be in the know beforehand. The first two scheduled webinars are going to be held April 30 and May 1, so make sure to check at for more information if you are interested!