Halloween during COVID-19:

Fun Ideas to Celebrate Safely

By Mikayla Tow

Posted on October 29, 2020

By Mikayla Tow

Even though trick-or-treating is cancelled, it doesn't mean the fun is! Grab some candy and your favorite fuzzy blanket for these cool and safe Halloween ideas.

Decorate Your Masks

Blue and black masks? Boring! Whether it’s a trip to the grocery store or going to school, a funky and festive mask will truly put you into the Halloween spirit. Look up a Youtube tutorial or Pinterest photo inspiration and get decorating! Add fangs, cute ghosts, or whatever you’d like!

Go Boo-ing

Let’s face it- Halloween is all about the candy. Even without trick-or-treating, you can still give out candy to your friends and loved ones! In a plastic Ziploc bag, insert your favorite candies or Halloween items. With colorful permanent markers, label with “BOO!” and decorate the outside of the bag. Then take a walk around town and drop off the goodie bag at a friend’s. Make sure not to tell them- it ruins the mystery!

Themed Zoom

Dress up in your favorite Halloween costume and invite friends or family to a personal zoom meeting! Screenshare a spooky movie on Netflix or play games. For extra fun, you can change your virtual backgrounds to haunted houses or graveyards too!

Zoom Games

Along with the themed zoom, share your screen and put up a Kahoot Halloween trivia game! You can search one up or even make your own! You can also play Quizlet Live or even Blooklet’s Halloween candy game! The possibilities are endless.

Bike Parade

Looking for a way to get moving? With your friends or family, pop on your mask and costume and go for a bike ride around town! It’s like putting on a mini costume parade for the cars driving by!

Dress Up Your Pets

Halloween isn’t just for the humans! Your dog, cat, bunny, or even fish deserve to be in on the fun! Make a DIY costume or take a quick stop at your local pet store for a cute costume. You can even decorate their tanks or cages with stickers and decorations. Don’t forget to snap a few quick pics to send to your loved ones.

With all these activities, I hope that everyone will get the chance to celebrate a safe and happy Halloween 2020!