Happy Holiday Season!

By Mikayla Tow

Posted on December 9, 2020

By Mikayla Tow

It’s (finally) December, the last month of 2020. This chaotic year is coming to an end and 2021 awaits. But most importantly, the holiday season starts! The excitement of gift-giving and delicious home cooked meals are here. And in a few weeks, the much needed winter break begins as well.

I know everyone has been so focused on school work, assignments, zooms and finals. It's probably been stressful dealing with new ways of learning, hybrid or remote, while living during a pandemic. But this can be a time to focus on being healthy and to relax and take a breather. Take this time to reflect on who and what you're thankful for. It could be your family, friends or teachers! Maybe write them a card, or send them a nice text message/phone call. They’ll appreciate it :)

School and studying is important, but everyone deserves a break now and then. Take advantage of it! Happy holidays and I’ll see you all in 2021!