Happy Spring!

By Mikayla Tow

Posted on April 10, 2021

By Mikayla Tow

Welcome to spring! April is one of my favorite months of the year with its perfect 60-degree weather. With warmer temperatures and longer days, nature is the place to be. This winter has been chilly and cold as we were stuck inside, but now we can enjoy the sun once again.

During quarantine, it has been awfully hard to see the outside world. Take the time to read a book and do your homework outside, or even join a zoom class with your backyard in the background. Everyone needs a bit of vitamin D, but don’t forget your SPF!

It is also the perfect time to take walks with your family. Strolling down the neighborhood, you can get into a nice conversation with your parents and siblings (ew gross!) and have family time while getting exercise.

Invite your friends over to your backyard! During the winter, my friends and I were meeting outside in the cold weather (socially distanced with our masks of course!). We were unable to hang out inside because of COVID, and the freezing cold snow made it hard to hang out outside. Take advantage of the spring weather to hang out with your friends in a safe manner.

Some of you may have April vacation coming up. It’s the perfect time to run outside and go to parks. Swing on the swings, frolic in the grass, and enjoy your week. You’ve been working hard and you deserve this time off!

I hope you all can enjoy spring outside with your friends and family. Happy April!