Meet the Tutor: Mikayla Wabe

By Michelle Nishidera

Posted on February 8, 2021

By Michelle Nishidera

Today I had the chance to interview Mikayla Wabe, a tutor, blog writer, content creator, and Iridium’s regional representative for Pennsylvania! She talks about her passion for history, the teacher that started it all, what she hopes to be famous for, and much more. Thanks to Mikayla for agreeing to do this, and keep reading to learn more about her!

Michelle: Hi! Can you introduce yourself?

Mikayla: Hi my name is Mikayla Wabe, and I’m 15, and I'm from western Pennsylvania.

Michelle: Why did you decide to join Iridium Tutoring?

Mikayla: So in middle school, I wanted to be an ESL teacher, and I also want to be a teacher now, in history, but that’s a backup plan. But, the point of that is that I have been interested in teaching. Secondly, I love school, and I know that a lot of kids don’t like school. I know that one of the reasons for this is simply just because they don’t understand the material, and it can be stressful trying to figure that out, and I wanted to just ease the stress as much as I could. On top of that, it’s frustrating seeing my peers, and students in general, struggling to keep up with their studies during this pandemic. Again, I just wanted to kind of ease that stress as much as I could.

Michelle: Those are all really great reasons, I agree with all of those things. So next up, what are or were your favorite subjects at school?

Mikayla: So, my favorite subject at school is history, and I also like English. But, history is my top favorite.

Michelle: Any particular reason why, or you just like it?

Mikayla: Well, I like history, because… well I never used to like history. But, in 9th grade, so last year, I got really interested in history. I thought it was just so interesting learning about the past. So that’s basically, I just think it’s really interesting.

Michelle: What do you like to do outside of school, like any hobbies or interests?

Mikayla: My favorite hobby that I have, I would say is photography. I really love photography. Like I love to take pictures with my camera and I also really love editing photos. I also like to listen to and play music. So, I’ve been playing the flute for six years now, and I can play a couple of songs on electric guitar and piano. I also like to play soccer in the summer and spring.

Michelle: Those are all really cool hobbies, I think photography is especially cool. Ok so, what would you say to anyone who might want to join the Iridium team or sign up for a session?

Mikayla: For anyone who wants to join the team, I would definitely say go for it. Volunteering with Iridium is a lot more rewarding in my opinion for both parties than say, working at a sports event table here and there for your service hours. Because at Iridium, you feel like a sense of community with our Discord, and our staff Discord. Secondly, you learn amazing communication skills and you can help people at the same time. For anyone who wants to sign up for a session, I think it’s a really amazing decision because we have a lot of tutors that teach in many different ways and have lots of different tutoring styles. So, there’s bound to be a style of teaching that is effective for you.

Michelle: Yep, that’s a really great message for everyone. I agree that there’s a really great community where you feel like you’re a part of something. So, what subject do you think should be taught in school and why?

Mikayla: This is something I have thought about for a couple years now, and something that I’ve seen people say on social media that I strongly agree with, is that I think that American Sign Language should be a required class in elementary, and sometimes middle school. So in my free time, if I have some free time soon, I hope to learn some basics of ASL, and I do wish I had learned it from a young age because I feel that everyone should know at least the basics of it because so many people communicate in this way.

Michelle: Yeah, that’s a really great idea. The next question is: who was your favorite teacher and why?

Mikayla: I kind of mentioned him when I was talking about my favorite subjects. But, my favorite teacher was my ninth grade honors world history teacher. Before going into his class, like I said, I hated history. Also during that time, I was pretty stressed about personal things that were going on in my life and his class was kind of like an escape. So, history became kind of like an escape. So, he helped me find my passion for history, and also helped me to find my hard work ethic and determination. In his class we would challenge ourselves and he taught me how rewarding it would be to go outside of my comfort zone. So, because of him, I want to be an archaeologist. On top of that, he was just a super genuine person, and funny, and he was always proud of me no matter what, and he also supports my every step. So he would definitely be my favorite teacher.

Michelle: Wow! He sounds like a really amazing person. Next up, if you were famous, what would you be famous for?

Mikayla: So, if I was famous, I would hope to be like a famous archaeologist who just made a big discovery because my history teacher, the one I just talked about, when I told him that I wanted to become an archaeologist, he said “Maybe I’ll teach about a discovery that you make at some point in the future”. So not only would I like to make a discovery to be acknowledged by him, but also I would like to be acknowledged in like future history books or future classes. I think that would be super amazing.

Michelle: Last but not least, what is your favorite book, TV show, movie, video game or just anything you’re loving right now?

Mikayla: I would say, I have a couple of favorite TV shows. I really liked Outer Banks, and I also really like Never Have I Ever, and also I’m Sorry on Netflix is a really good show.

Michelle: Ok! I’ll be sure to check those out since I have not watched… any of them. So, that is all for this interview.

Thank you again to Mikayla! Be sure to stay tuned for more upcoming meet the tutor blog posts!