Using Your Free Time Wisely Over December Break

By Ruben Noroian

Posted on December 23, 2021

By Ruben Noroian

Although it’s great to sleep-in and play extra video games over the school break, time off from school can be really useful to improve grades and get in some extracurricular activity focus.

To begin, catching up on extra school work and getting ahead in classes is invaluable to reducing stress once the school year starts back up. After all, the break is only a week, and classes pick up right where they left off after it ends. Websites like Youtube and Khan Academy have lots of helpful resources for AP classes and general topics that can give you a boost. Whether it be Chemistry, Biology, Algebra, or English, video tutorials and lessons can be really helpful to developing conceptual understandings of topics. Especially when the high school curriculums can be very complex and rigorous. Adding in that extra hour or two a day and giving yourself something more productive can be beneficial in the long term for your grades and your free time.

Extracurricular activities should also be a focus. And when I say extracurricular, Rocket League and Minecraft don’t count. I mean the development of useful skills and greater commitment to certain activities that you can pursue further when you don’t have as much time during school. With sports, homework, and about 6 hours of class time, little room is left to commit to other important EC’s. It may be an internship, or research, or simply reading a book, but putting time into all of these will help in the long run. For Sophomore and Juniors, time should be used more wisely, as every second counts when you want to go to college.

It may sound cliché, but just an hour a day of improving yourself and being productive can go a long way when you add them up. And most students aren’t putting in these hours, so why not get ahead when you have the opportunity?