Iridium Tutoring

501(c)(3) nonprofit organization created by students for students

Free, unlimited, virtual, one-to-one K-12 educational support

Why Iridium?

Iridium Tutoring was founded to address the educational inequalities made apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic when learning was disrupted worldwide. With Iridium, the educational opportunities are limitless. Sign up for tutoring sessions designed for K-12 students covering the topics listed below. 

Interested in getting involved in our cause? We welcome you to volunteer with us!

Our Approach


All children should have accessible resources needed to achieve their academic dreams


We work to foster creativity and to boost imaginative thinking in our students. 


We make sure that our students take pride in their work and progress.

What We Offer

Free virtual tutoring for grades K-12 scheduled one session at a time. Unlimited sessions. No strings attached.

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Competition Math

K-8 Math

Algebra 1

Algebra 2




AP Statistics

AP Calculus

Calculus III, IV


K-8 Science

AP Biology

AP Chemistry

AP Physics

AP Economics

AP Computer Science A 








K-12 English

Essay Writing

Essay Revising & Editing

Reading Comprehension

AP English Literature

AP English Language


K-8 History & Geography

AP US History

AP World History

AP US Government & Politics



Chinese (I, II, III, IV, AP)

AP Chinese

Spanish (I, II, III, IV, AP)

French (I, II, III, IV)

Latin (I, II, III)

German (I,II)






AP Music Theory

Test Prep





AP Courses


College Admissions & Counseling

Office Hours

Office Hours occur everyday  throughout the year from 6:30 to 7:30pm EST. Come for guidance on your homework, test prep, or other needs

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We have provided 10,000+ free tutoring sessions covering subjects ranging from math and science to music theory and art.


Iridium has served 1,000+ students internationally in our mission to provide free tutoring to K-12 students.


Our team of 200+ volunteers come from various backgrounds, including university and high school students from across the United States.

What Students and Parents Say

"I wanted to thank you for helping me with my essay today!  I learned a lot, and your comments were super helpful! I loved your tutoring."

"Thank you so much today for such an excellent tutoring session! You guys surprised me with such great presentation! You are very thorough and clear when explaining things. You are both professional and polite. And you answered all our questions!"

"Your great efforts are highly appreciated. I trust the kids will always cherish the moments with you all in their memory. I sincerely wish you success in your study and all the best."

"Thank you for your teaching this month, your teaching materials and explanations are very good...I also felt your passion for teaching. I feel that you are all thoughtful and caring classmates, and I believe you will have a bright future."

"Thank you very much for your tutoring today on [my daughter's] writing. I am very impressed by your knowledge and the way of teaching [her]... I am very proud of you guys for doing this. Especially in the COVID-19 pandemic, all of us can do something to help the community. And you and your team are doing exactly the meaningful thing for the community. Keep going!"

"Thank you very much for your continued hard work and patience.  Your great efforts are extremely impressive.  [They] have obtained very effective language and vocabulary training in your session. "

"Thanks for your great effort on developing those sessions for the kids and I am sure [she] has learned a lot from you. "

"[Tutor] did a great job explaining the material even though it was over Zoom. He was personable and knowledgeable. "

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