5 Studying Tips for a Successful School Year

By Mikayla Tow

Posted on September 18, 2020

By Mikayla Tow

For many people, the new school year is here! With multiple quizzes and tests, countless students are left with uncertainty as to how online learning will play out. With these five studying tips, students can start their online year off on a good note.

#1 Color Coded Notes

Writing your notes can be a difficult task. But with designated colors for school subjects, homework assignments, events, or even activities, you can be organized in no time. Not only does it add liveliness towards your notes, but a color code can also help with memorization and allows certain pieces of information to stand out better. With multiple colored pens or highlighters, write your notes in specified colors. Some commonly color-coded items include key terms, important dates, formulas, and definitions.

#2, Academic Planners

Do you ever find yourself forgetting school events and assignment due dates? With planners, you can write down your weekly tasks and activities effortlessly! Academic planners allow you to have an insight into what’s happening the next day, month, or even year. Online school often causes disorganization within your schedule, but writing it down in a planner efficiently dismisses these problems.

#3, To-Do Lists

To stay motivated throughout your day, make a to-do list on your phone or a piece of paper. Right after you wake up, write down your priorities for the day. This can be assignments, tests you need to study for, chores you have to do, anything works. As you go on about your day, checking off each task after completing them gives great satisfaction! (Trust me!). You can see what you have left to complete, as well as how much you have already done.

#4, Eliminating Disturbances

Studying is almost impossible with temptations such as your phone or background noise. Ensure that you have a quiet, well-lit space to get started. Shutting down your phone or putting it into Do Not Disturb mode will allow you to focus and get your work done, without distractions. You can even listen to relaxing binaural beats, or albums such as George Winston’s “December,” or lofi study music you can find on YouTube. Pop in some headphones and you’re good to go!

#5, Take Breaks

Everybody needs breaks. After a long day of sitting in front of a computer screen, getting motivation is tough. While doing work, set aside five minutes every hour to rest. You can play on your phone, lie down, or grab a snack. Doing so allows your brain to take a little rest and re-focus for the rest of your study session. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy breaks?

So give some of these tips a try, and I bet you’ll have a successful school year!