The Importance of Tutoring

By Ruben Noroian

Posted on March 5, 2021

By Ruben Noroian

Tutoring is an essential practice, necessary to supporting students struggling in certain academic subjects. The one-on-one attention tutoring provides allows students to improve their study skills, grow a love for learning, and increase their performance in core academic subjects. Skills like these are imperative to classroom success and important further into life. Each student has personal needs, so it is important to recognize that not every tutor is fit for every student.

Students below the proficiency level of certain subjects are often a part of lower socioeconomic status; It is important to allow these less fortunate students to receive free academic support so they can reach the state’s academic standards.

Many students, especially during remote learning in the pandemic, have lost motivation for education and no longer value learning as they previously did. Increased student absences have occurred everywhere, including here in Massachusetts. On March 1, the Boston Globe reported that up to forty percent of Boston juniors and seniors are chronically absent from remote learning classes. Large amounts of students skipping classes has implications on the future United States workforce. Due to a lack of education, many future adults will lack proper skills to participate in the workforce and lower the standards of US jobs.

This is why, during the pandemic, Algonquin Regional High School freshman Charles Tang and sophomore Gracie Sheng, created a 1 on 1 online tutoring service for students who are having difficulties with remote learning.

Since its founding, Iridium Tutoring has provided over 1,000 tutoring sessions for students, grown a team of 100 volunteers, and served 200 students. The service will continue to prosper as their outreach team grows; They look to grow even further and support as many students as possible across the United States.