Empowering Others: Verity Opportunities!

By Charles Tang

Posted on November 7, 2020

By Charles Tang

Justin Wang, a junior at the Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, and also a co-founder of Verity

Alex Wang, a junior at Algonquin Regional High School, and also a co-founder of Verity

Jakob Zhang, a junior at Algonquin Regional High School, and also a co-founder of Verity

Patrick Li, a junior at Algonquin Regional High School, and also a co-founder of Verity

Part of Iridium Tutoring’s mission is to inspire youth to individually make impacts on their communities, each making the world a better place. One of Iridium’s tutors, Alex Wang, co-founded the nonprofit volunteer database Verity Opportunities that connects volunteers and organizations to bring to attention the good that is being done and the issues which still need resolving within our local communities here in Massachusetts.

Founded in mid-October by four high-school students from Northborough, Massachusetts, they each sought to make an impact on the community. They hope that by creating Verity, they can alleviate the constant struggles presented during the pandemic by coordinating communities and organizations.

“Some people may not have the luxuries that I take for granted,” said Alex Wang, one of the co-founders of Verity, “and we have a responsibility to give them the opportunity to feel secure and happy.”

Verity Opportunities displays volunteer opportunities and nonprofits such as Iridium Tutoring, food pantries from around Massachusetts, and organizations such as the Boston Youth Chamber and the Northborough Helping Hands Association.

“The good causes all over central Massachusetts deserve to be showcased, not only their work but their stories and messages. “ said Justin Wang.

Looking forward, Verity hopes to inspire the community to volunteer and take part in organizations, ultimately bringing the community together to take on challenges presented during these difficult times.

“It feels fantastic knowing that we’ll be giving these opportunities more recognition,” said Patrick Li. “It’s just one of the ways that I can give back to the community.”

You can check out Verity Opportunities here, or contact them through their email for any questions or concerns.